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“The only time you raise your voice is in laughter!” This was said on a private beach in Hawaii, during the most intimate vows.

“You take care of me when I don’t know how to take care of myself.” His vows were emotional and tender in this backyard spring wedding.

"Who meets their soul mate on tinder? Well, this girl!” This resort wedding was dynamic and fun in every way.

What do you want your wedding photos to feel like? Look like? What do you want to remember? The venue, the dress, the decor, the flowers, the guests, the vows, the toasts, the dance… the list of special moments wedding photography can preserve goes on and on. Don’t you want to remember it ALL? That kiss when you didn’t know anyone was looking. Grandpa dancing with the flower girl while she stands on his feet. The tears in your partner’s eyes when they hear your vows. The brother who walks you down the aisle because your father has passed away. Your parents flirting like teenagers in a wedding photo you will cherish FOREVER! My favorite part of any wedding is catching those to-die-for shots you didn’t even know were happening.

You’re engaged! Time to find the perfect wedding photographer!


Being engaged is THE BEST!!!! You’re crazy in love. You’re planning a stellar wedding. Life is perfect, yet full of exciting possibilities. You really want the day to be photographed with all the moments you’ve been envisioning in your mind. And I’m the wedding photographer who gets MORE then you could have ever hoped for.

Think of your wedding photography like a time capsule that allows you to go back to the magic of that day whenever you want. The vows, the tears, the moments of hysterical laughter, the toasts, EVERYTHING. It all happens so fast, but as your wedding photographer, I’ll approach each moment with patience and focus. I stand quietly and wait for that look, that laugh, that kiss that will make your heart stop when you see it in your wedding album.

Years ago, I delivered a wedding album to a very shy, sweet bride. As she looked at her wedding photos, she smiled the sweetest smile at me and said, “Wow, Kitta! I never knew I was this pretty!” My heart skipped a beat.

Let’s meet and see if we’re a good fit. I add joy and fun to the day, but also make sure to get all the perfectly posed dream shots you’ve been imagining. Being a wedding photographer is my passion and obsession, and I’d absolutely love to be a part of your big day.

Wedding Photographer Reviews

“She’s absolutely amazing! You won’t meet a kinder person, and the quality of her photos speak for themselves. It’s an easy choice!”

— Ben S

“Kitta captured the essence and emotion of my wedding day. It's amazing to see how much life each image has and how it can transport my wife and I back to that special day. I can only assume that in addition to her top-of-the-line photography equipment, she also uses magic to produce such amazing photos. I couldn't recommend her any higher!”

— John S

“Kitta took awesome engagement and wedding photos for my husband and me. She has a creative eye and endless ideas, so trying to figure out how to pose, where to take photos, etc. was easy under her guidance. We'll delight in revisiting our wedding photographs in the years to come, as they perfectly convey the joy of the day.”

— Denita S


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