Portraiture and Portrait Photography

See this first portrait? His eyes and subtle smile tell me a story. We had met an hour earlier. In this shot, I simply asked him to think of something that no one else knew. I had no idea that the secret that created this incredible portrait was that he wanted to kiss me. Who knew that being a professional portrait photographer would land me this VERY handsome husband a year later? I mean, how many people have a professional photo of the very second they fell in love?

Professional Portraiture Captures the Best You


Are you a realtor? Graphic designer? Doctor? Stay at home dad? Actor? Painter? Accountant? Are you a mom who just dropped that baby weight and want a great shot of you in those pre-preggo jeans? It’s my goal as your portrait photographer to not just show people what you look like and what you do, but how you do it. Portraiture photography is an artistic way to tell people a little secret. What is your desire? Who are you speaking to? How do you get them to notice you in one look?

Portrait photography is a ton of fun. In preparing for our shoot, we’ll really get to know each other. We’ll get raw and talk about the important stuff in your life, the why and how and who. That sets the tone for us to capture that look. That feel. That experience that is YOU.

Portland Portrait Photographer Reviews

“Do yourself a favor and hire this photographer! We did a business photo shoot with Kitta and had so many photos from which to choose. I definitely know that Kitta will be my photographer for everything important in life from now on!”

— Kari M

“Kitta is truly amazing and fun to work with! We were moving to Los Angeles and needed some updated acting portraits, so we reached out to Kitta and we couldn’t be happier! I consider her to be the great Portland photographer and if you need pictures taken, portraits, engagement photos, modeling photos, I highly recommend Kitta!”

— Aris J

“Kitta is AMAZING! I felt so comfortable with Kitta which is in my mind paramount to good portrait photography. She was able to capture great moments of my best self without making me feel awkward or self conscious.”

— Margo K


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