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Company parties are a ton of fun. Do you know what makes them more fun? A professional company event photographer. Everyone’s dressed up and feelin’ sassy, so it’s the perfect time to get pictures taken with people at work they love to be with. Auctions, team building weekends, retirement parties, Christmas parties with Santa, you name it! A special warmth and excitement bursts out of event photos. They’re full of so much life, not to mention how fabulous they are for PR. What do you have coming up? Let’s get this party started!

Capture the fun with company event photos.


A company event takes a TON of work! You may not be buying a white dress and walking down the aisle, but you DEFINITELY want to remember it. 

Gathering support and funding for your nonprofit, celebrating your community and the people in it, hanging out with the awesome coworkers you make things happen with every day, talking to investors away from a stuffy conference table setting — these are all fantastic reasons to throw an insanely fun event that brings people together.

 I’ll bring my camera, and my fun, festive personality! I can also bring my photo booth. Still or slow motion. Or both. What better way to thank that investor than with an INCREDIBLE picture of them having a ton of fun at YOUR event.

I’ll hide in the corner and get shots of dynamic conversations. Then I’ll be in the thick of the action. You might even find me lying in the middle of the dance floor just to get that perfect event shot. I’ll snag your happy clients and take them aside for a shot they can’t wait to frame.

Professional event photography will boost your employee experience and be a sweet reminder to them that they are working for a team, not just a company. What’s the next event I can help you with?

Company Event Photography Reviews.

“We were so honored to have Kitta Bodmer Photography be part of our inaugural event. She quietly maneuvered the room capturing the most tender and candid moments to be remembered forever. She is a master of her craft.”

—GB2 Foundation

“Kitta Bodmer Photography recently photographed our event, and I am as thrilled with the quality of her images as I was with her professionalism and warm personality the night of. Would highly recommend Kitta!”

— Heather K

“Everything you to ever hoped for in a photograph Kitta Bodmer Photography captures!”

— Todd R


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