Newborn Photography

Please don’t get bigger. Stay this way forever. There’s nothing like being a parent, and it all happens so fast. With every intoxicating, adorable moment, you’re reminded that this time with your baby won’t last long. When my son was an infant, we modeled for a baby clothing company that needed newborn photography for their brand. They took a shot of us that was so incredible I posted it EVERYWHERE! As a newborn photographer, I love that I get to give this gift to other parents. Newborn photographs hit a tender spot. These baby photos will be cherished FOREVER!

Infant and newborn photography is a parent’s dream!


Ok, if your heart is not bursting looking at these photos, you might want to get your soul checked. Just imagine if these pictures were of YOUR newborn. They could be, but you’ll have to be quick. This window is small, parents! Ten days, to be precise. After that, your infant turns into a baby. Like, overnight.

Mom, I will make this as comfortable for you as possible. I am happy to come to your house. You can stay in your pajamas, and I will do ALL the work! Or, feel free to come to my studio! Showered or unshowered is fine with me.

Because these early months with your baby are such a special time, I do recommend 6 month photos and 1 year photos as well. You will be SHOCKED at the difference in your little one after only a year! And trust me, you want it photographed. EVERY parent I do family pictures for who didn’t get newborn photography desperately regrets it!

I have also been known to race to the hospital in the middle of the night for those special parents who would like birthing photos. It’s a truly magical experience! Inquire privately about planning that session. Or, if you have a sweet premature baby, I’m happy to come to the hospital and get those precious moments too.

Newborn Photography Reviews

“Wow! Wow! Wow! This girl has an eye for great newborn photos! Everytime someone comes into my home and they see her pictures they get complimented over and over and over!”

— Becky B

“Kitta has taken newborn photos and 1 year photos of my son that are completely adorable. There are some shots that I just can’t stop smiling about and even though he was grumpy that day, she still was able to catch so much joy and sweetness in him. She really is amazing.”

— Kären J

“Kitta is an extremely talented newborn photographer and she is very creative in her set up for pictures and lighting. She has a special skill of manipulating newborns into the most precious poses.”

— Stacey F


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