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As an artist, my brain works in a VERY different way than most. While someone else might have a photographic memory, or be brilliant at counting, or have an incredible sense of direction (I get lost trying to go around the block), I can close my eyes and see color combination, style, pattern, best lighting, or the perfect angle to shape someone’s face.

I am a Portland photographer, born and raised, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with people and the arts — a dynamite combo for a professional photographer. And I may be a bit of a people pleaser, which makes me work extra hard to get the shots that will blow you away.

Quick facts: I have seven siblings that I am insanely close to. My Dad is a retired architect and most of my siblings and their families work with art, design or architecture. My parents have been married for over 50 years. I am completely obsessed with my kids! Like, beyond obsessed. And every day, I fall more in love with my husband. I also LOVE new socks! Traveling. Genuine laughter. Witty people. I hate the sound of a heart monitor and love the sound of my kids giggling. I wonder what would happen if I heard them giggling over a heart monitor. Solve that one! I get excited over a good binge watch and cry easily at any movie that involves a sports team and a dad and son mending a troubled relationship.

I started Kitta Bodmer Photography in 2004 because my Dad could not stop talking about what a great job I had done documenting our own family vacation to China.

Hire me! We will have a blast, and you will crave more!

Portland Photographer Reviews


“Kitta Bodmer took the most amazing photographs of our wedding! She has so much talent behind the lens, but is also warm, funny and encouraging.”

— AJ

“Kitta has a natural ability to create a beautiful picture of any age person! She is a delight to work with and she makes you feel beautiful and photogenic when she is working with you.”

— Lynne N

“We've had Kitta take pictures of our family for multiple occasions and we've loved every session! She really has an eye for catching the perfect moment.”

— Andrew H


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