Maternity Photography

“You’re glowing! You’re radiant! You’ve never looked better!” When you’re pregnant, these constant comments from friends, family, and strangers can be hard to believe. But the honest truth is that you ARE glowing and radiant and never looked better! As your maternity photographer, I can not only show you that truth, but preserve it forever. Unless you plan to have a humongous family, pregnancy is a rare, brief, and immeasurably special time in your life. Book maternity photos with me now. You will be so happy you did!

Maternity Photography….it’s as exciting as no line at Salt n Straw.


In the grand scheme of your life, pregnancy is over in the blink of an eye. While you’re in it, though, everything seems to happen in sloooooow motion.[FC1]  We’re talking days that feel 72 hours long. The plus side is that this makes it harder to pretend you don’t have time for maternity photographs.

Maternity photography is so special. You have this gorgeous round belly. It feels like someone is stirring cake batter in your stomach. Your skin looks fantastic, and your hair never looked better. Not a lie, it’s scientifically proven. Wikipedia said so.

So let’s get your hair done and makeup on! Throw on your cutest outfit, or go pick out a dazzling, flowing new dress. Treat yourself to a milk bath, or whatever else makes you feel your most beautiful, and let’s get maternity photos of this unbelievable time.

I am the maternity photographer who will capture you the way the rest of the world sees you: stunning, stunning, stunning!

Maternity Photographer Reviews


“Because she is so fantastic and easy to be around, I had her photograph two of our kiddos’ births. They are the most amazing and tender pictures! I would not hesitate to tell anyone to use her for all of life’s occasions.”

— Tressa S

“Kitta is magical. I hate having my picture taken. I always end up cross eyed, double chinned, and mid sentence in pictures. But not with Kitta! Somehow she captures the best light, the best angle and the best moment without you even knowing!”

— Brooke H

“Kitta has the best energy which is relayed to her subjects and makes her photo sessions and photos truly a unique, lovely and beautiful experience. She captures your family in all their glory.”

— Jen M


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