Pacific NW Style - Exterior Photo Studio

When most people remodel their house they keep in mind colors and textures to match their furniture and decorations. When we remodeled our house we kept thinking about what would look incredible in a photo studio.  When you think of a home that was built in 1908 what comes to mind? Gorgeous wood and incredible style. This is when houses were made to last a persons life time. The lines and attention to detail are absolutely stunning!  It will give a classy upscale feel to your photo shoot. Whether it’s in the middle of summer. Or for those fall leaves photoshoots. Or some winter wonderland fun in the snow. And don’t forget the spring shoots where everything is rich and gorgeous. Our photo studio literally has it ALL!

Tall firs and hand cut basalt stonework make a photo backdrop like no other


Our backyard started out as a forest and now it’s the most gorgeous Portland photo studio. Throughout the property there are several different options for your backdrop.  As you enter the front gates you are welcomed to our photography studio with rich blue color and stone walkways. The stone walls are nothing short of beautiful artwork in themselves. With its subtle mossy surface, these two beautiful colors, grey and green,  set the tone in our photography studio with richness and photographic excitement.  Take a seat on our handcrafted cedar bench with hand cut stones behind you. Where the lighting is absolute perfection all day. Your two-year-old will photograph perfectly here.  Or a 45-year-old wanting unique headshots.  You will be thrilled and the final images will turn out brilliant.  Surrounding the whole area are beautiful fir trees. The base of them have a gorgeous orange brown color that’s a sweet contrast in the back of the photo. Or with shots that are at a distance their linear lines and bark textures add powerful dimension.

Natural light filtered through lush foliage cannot be replicated


I’ve always been drawn to gorgeous lighting. One style that always calls my name is when the sun comes in through the trees and lights the subject from behind. LOVE IT! There’s a warmth and a softness to that photo that always draws me. Now I have a photo studio that’s filled with that glow all year round and I’m so excited to have it! I could honestly photograph in that lighting all day long.  And at the end of the day the sun comes pouring in through these beautiful tree. The glowing light bounces in every direction and leaves the softest light on whoever I’m photographing. The skin looks flawless and the backdrop sweet and inviting. Come take a look for yourself.

Walking down the curved stair case you’re welcomed by a gorgeous fountain. This two-tier waterfall adds a sweet backdrop for any family photos. The overgrown green plants are the perfect backdrop in this  photo studio. Each season will have its own unique look and design in the photography studio. If you are as excited for fall photography as I am, then don’t wait to book.  Next to the fountain there’ll be bright orange and red plants to add to the already gorgeous setting. 

Each season offers a new and exciting photography backdrop


As my husband and I were caring down 6 1/2 tons of sod, that now makes up a gorgeous grassy backyard, I thought the whole time how excited I’d be to photograph families on it. Kids can run around and be silly and playful in the photo studio.  A perfect time to get the pictures of them in action and in their natural element……the wild!  The slight hill adds a rich green backdrop for anyone sitting in the grass. The uniform trees that cascade over our back fence have a clean luscious look for a textured beautiful background.  The four story back of the house has a strong beautiful upscale look that adds dimension and brings a unique feel to the images we shoot in our photography studio.  Not to mention in the fall, as the seasons change, the foliage is colorful everywhere you look. Nothing beats a gorgeous fall photo session and our photo studio is ready when you are!

I absolutely love living in the West Hills.  When we bought the house I could not wait for it to snow. We are high enough up, that when it drops in degrees we are the first ones to see flakes.  Now when we do get snow I get to photograph families who want a really really cool backdrop. Everything is white and gorgeous and the blue on the house and the grey in the stone pops out and creates images you truly can’t get anywhere else.

Come enjoy our year round outdoor photography studio. You’ll be glad you did!


Kitta Bodmer Photography is ready when you are.

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