Once In A Lifetime Family Event Photography - Bar Mitzvah

If you didn’t know let me tell you a little secret. Bar mitzvahs go off. It is a huge celebration. Family comes from all over the world and plans are made years in advance. Your kid transitions from being a child into a young adult. This is not a small event. They learn the religious tongue throughout their whole life and present their knowledge for all their family and friends. Then they gather for a huge celebration. A fabulous place is rented, stellar food is provided, an event photographer is hired and there’s music and fun for the whole night. 

Event photography that fills the soul.


There are many spiritual commitments that someone makes in their life. And these decisions aren’t taken lightly. When someone chooses to take that path a community supports and celebrates with you. Is it a baptism? A bris? A bat mitzvah? A missionary leaving to serve? A chapel wedding? Someone wanting to further their education in ministry and becoming the teacher?

If you’ve experienced any of these you’ve seen firsthand the excitement the community has during these moments.  It bonds families.  Creates a common tradition.  And strengthen relationships. 

Do you remember how it felt when you took that next step in faith?  Whatever it may be.  Why not celebrate and remember this time by having an event photographer to show you exactly how that day made you feel.  How special it was.  To relive that spiritual feeling you felt the day you chose to follow that path.

He changed my life and I didn’t even know.


I met my client earlier that year on a previous photo shoot. Her and her sister are mad lady bosses and are ruling the world with their successful business.  No joke, they are a huge deal!  I was lucky enough to photograph for their website.

As soon as I met her I liked her immediately. The way she talks and the way she puts things into action is impressive!  I just sat back and admired. Little did I know that my husband had the same admiration for her husband.  A few days after the bar mitzvah I sent this message to my client: 

“Last night my husband (of two years) was telling some friends and I a story of his health.  Years ago he was diagnosed with lung cancer and not given long to live.  As he was getting his affairs in order he felt strongly that he needed to get a second opinion.  My husband is beyond brilliant and researched the best person to go see.  Thankfully he did get that second opinion and was properly diagnosed.   He raved and raved about this doctor who he saw.  Joe thrives himself on working with incredible people.  Well, tonight I was showing him some of the images from the bar mitzvah.  And he immediately recognized you as the brilliant doctor who gave him life changing GREAT news.  What a beautiful small world we live in.  Thank you for helping the love of my life in a time when I didn’t exist in his days.” 

Event photos that give you chills.


We do live in a small world.  7 degrees of Kevin Bacon is right.  I was interacting with their family all day and night and didn’t even know that they had such a huge impact in my life already. 

When I made that connection the feeling I had was similar to the feeling I have when I get an answer to a prayer.  I got chills, my chest burned, my eyes got big and I couldn’t stop smiling. 

When you experience something spiritual it’s a few seconds that is like nothing else in your life.  The moment is so physical that it stays with you forever.  This couple gave me that same kind of joy.  And their kids are no short of being amazing too. The way they worked together and supported each other on this incredible day, you can tell that they have a very loving sweet relationship. Not to mention her son is very interested in photography. A kid after my own heart.  Maybe he dreams of being an event photographer too! I could only hope for such a fulfilling career for him.


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